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Howard Pyle


Experience Futures is a non-profit community that advances the ethical use of automation in design to drive equity online. We did UI/UX design and developed their website later on in a Webflow. The goal here was to help them make their voice be heard among creative people and potentially increase conversion to more people became their member.

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Designing the website

We started off this project first by defining who their users are and what they want to see there. After that we were creating the moodboard to define overall look and feel.

Client already bad brand identity ready, with all the brand colors and logo prepared, so following that we designed the website. We provide him with 2 different website versions. First one was very light in color with a left side hidden navigation menu and right sided content. The second example was a bit darker mode with a regular navigation. The whole idea was to focus on a typography a lot and make it very light and readable, since their target audience was mainly designers and developers. After client's first revision, we combined those two versions, mainly keeping the second, darker one but not keeping it too dark to avoid difficulties while reading. When design was done, we started developing it in the Webflow.

Webflow Development

The greatest thing about the Webflow is their CMS. That allows to create full-fledged blogs with any design, functionality, and navigation, including categories, author pages,, subscription, and so on. The client gets access to the admin dashboard where he adds articles in a simple and intuitive editor, and in a few seconds, they appear on the website. The best benefit of a blog for a company website is that you can greatly increase the organic traffic through regular posts and cross-links in the articles.

The most fun thing with the Webflow is that how easy is for clients to manage their website by themselves. We also added a login/signup functionality using 3rd party program that is fully available for the Webflow and work seamlessly. At the end, client was very happy with the outcome which helped him achieve his goal.

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