Branding for passionate people opens new doors of creativity and brings lots of fun. Some of our best projects in this branch come from the gaming world.
Peaks of Creativity

Entertainment is a broad term, and it extends from movies, music, and art to games and more; that wide spectrum also covers many aspects of design. Designing for the most fun industry with the most beautiful purpose definitely gives a chance for bringing all the craziest and most ingenious design ideas to life.

Keeping up with the versatility of the entertainment industry

Broworks somehow connected the most with the world of gaming, for which our team mostly did branding and visual identities. Each project was an exceptional experience because gaming is about individuals and their personalities. Traits and behaviour of characters, players and worlds come to the center of the design process.

Getting people into new worlds

The most important step in doing designs for games is to connect the audience with whole new universes and personas. When the branding is good, then people actually can feel it, not just see it. A strong brand also serves as a mark people remember and can easily become a part of their everyday lives.

Community comes first

People who play games with passion and skill often have the potential for a large follower base. Therefore, creating your own logo, mascot, colors, and the vibe that comes with your name is what strengthens connections with fans and spreads the word.

Telling original stories

People follow someone's story because it is entertaining, influential or educational, and the story can be presented through the various elements of branding that we’ve mentioned. So, when branding an individual, it is most important to present a character that people can relate to. It’s all about the message you want to send and if it’s powerful enough, people will share it.

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Many genres on the table

Although the point of the industry’s many wings is to entertain people, there is more to that. Developing these unique stories is about evoking emotions, and some of them are not necessarily happy or fun. Because of that, there are many genres of music, movies and games to satisfy diverse tastes and purposes. That wide range we see as “entertainment” because it gives people the freedom to choose what they want to be delivered to them.

Design for this industry should be in tune with different genres, which are best seen in various graphic works. However, in UI too, there are many ways to convey emotions and states through interactions and content flow. Every interface, along with graphics, 3D, motion and words, has ways of setting the atmosphere for users.

Brand that knows the audience

For branding gamers, we integrated the knowledge we have about the industry, especially about the audience, that often doesn’t belong to the business world. We should keep in mind that these are often young people who spend a lot of time online, follow pop culture, and have unique views. For them, industry and design have to offer something exciting and different from the usual. Thus, projects related to gaming are especially challenging and big fun.


Broworks CEO and creative director portraitBroworks CEO and creative director portrait


Stefan Ivic
CEO & Creative Director
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