Alpha & Omega Kongs

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Alpha & Omega Kongs

Alpha & Omega Kongs form one of the largest and most famous ecosystems combining NFT, DeFi and P2E. Noted for its highly detailed, cool, and unique art, the Alpha collection was sold out in an hour, establishing the entire Kongs universe.

Our job for Alphas was to design and develop a website that will promote this world, give the latest information about collections, crypto, and games and thus build a strong community. Building an app that would show statistics for P2E games was also included in the project, which just meant more fun.

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When it comes to NFT collections, inspiration is everywhere, especially coming from such a large system. First and foremost, this exceptional NFT art had to be presented in a way that was as cool as the characters themselves. As Kongs were done in a bold, slightly heavy style, we wanted to project the same attitude in the web design without overloading it. Kong's character occupied the most places in the layout, while the rest of the content remained clean and direct. Everything from NFT, DeFi, and P2E content had to be incorporated into the same vibe and organized so that it is accessible but does not burden users with the information.
What we did
  • Created a design system that is applied to diverse brand items, from a web app to a website
  • Designed a descriptive and modern website
  • Webflow implementation
Art direction
Stefan Ivic
Project management
Milos Babic
UI Design
Dijana Antanasijevic
UX Design
Webflow Development
Stefan Ninkov