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Epiq build highly optimized  SDR and turnkey solutions to offer  unmatched visibility and control over the RF landscape.Dedicated to reducing  development risk, accelerating product launch, and providing white glove service.

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Epiq already had a brand and a website that was outdated and difficult to navigate. Their logo should be carefully redesigned in order to apply the same style and systems to other sister companies that are acquired by them. The logo we shouldn’t change too much since they work in a specific industry and are well-known for their products. As for the website, we needed to make their products easy to find and contact the sales team to buy them, as well as to learn more about them easily. Even if our tasks were simple, we needed to do a lot of research and study on this topic in order to know how to approach it and organize the website structure.
What we did
  • Analyze the topic and industry research
  • Designed a user-friendly and intuitive website
  • Logo redesign
  • 3x more conversions on a website
  • 200% increased visitors
  • 20% increased product sales
Art direction
Stefan Ivic, Selena Kucevic
Project management
UI Design
Filip Drenovakovic, Selena Kucevic
UX Design
Tijana Kostic
Webflow Development