Sevou is another PUBG streamer who made sure his name echoes in the gaming community. We were lucky enough to work with him and his brother Levinho, who wanted to bring their brands out in a new way. Sevou ingeniously created his own brand when his alter ego Spoidermon won over large masses of fans. An opportunity has been given to us, so we harnessed all of our creativity to deliver a new shine to his already well-known trademark.

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Working with Sevou, we didn't have to start from scratch. He already had Spidermon as his logo done in a comic style as it represented his persona on the Internet. But, we had to make that logo more legible in different visual environments and more professional without changing its character. So we kept Spoidermon's goofiness in the best form, as well as Sevou's characteristic colors, while we refined his style. The idea was to have Sevou's name and trademark ready to compete among pro gamer brands just like Sevou does himself.
What we did
  • Run a market research and color palette exploration
  • Created a graphic system, including custom badges, emojis, and patterns
  • Provided collateral marketing materials for brand promotion
  • Recreated an old logo
Art direction
Stefan Ivic
Project management
Milos Babic
UI Design
UX Design
Webflow Development