Blockchain & Web3

We assisted in several pioneering NFT & blockchain projects using the best of UI to organize loads of information about new technologies.
Fruits of New Tech

We work with Web3 businesses with great pleasure as they promise to push the boundaries with each project. Designing for this hot sector calls for new levels of creativity to make the interface self-explanatory, guiding users through any topic regarding blockchain and Web3. Around NFTs, we mostly build experiences to make buying and selling actions clearer and more enjoyable.

How UI/UX design and branding adds to the Web3 industry

In our projects, the main goal is to present technologies that are new or ahead of their time to an audience that already has habits and expectations from the digital world. Therefore, we always make sure that designs for Web3 always have the following features:

Intuitive and minimalistic

Blockchain and Web3 content are often related to many financial and legal matters that have to be comprehensible to users. Every UI should ensure that the information relevant to people is all nicely organized and accessible at any time and that aesthetics smoothly support the journey. Minimalistic layouts win at this every time, crisply displaying vast text and numerals.

Progressive style

Many approaches to blockchain design include simple and cold styles, but we do not give up on the awe graphics when it comes to financial apps and sites. Animation and 3D elements that go hand in hand with futurism and other forward-looking styles make all that weighty info easier to digest.

Building trust

Many design elements depend on the brand of the client, but their manner is almost always self-confident. As apps and sites that work through blockchain technology need to be transparent above all, the idea is to use UI as a platform for trust-building elements such as reviews, testimonials and others. When it comes to money management UIs, the owner has to form bonds with the users through both clear and fast functions as well as looks.


Rise of the NFTs

NFTs also, as a new thing, had to be instantly presented to people in an appealing way. Unlike blockchain, websites for NFTs draw attention easier because the items themselves are already crowd-pullers. Designing for NFT asks for:

Comprehensible and crispy

With NFT, it is important to say how it connects to the blockchain. Putting a focus on the safety of the buying & selling process affects how we do the UI for promotional websites. Besides the actual items, this is central to the design.

Categorising NFT

As with other products, everything about the item offer should be clear, but when it comes to NFT we go one step further. NFT collections can and should be presented in a more interesting way, playing with layout, animation, and colors.

Selling the mood of NFT

A certain storyline often follows NFT items and is then depicted in the UI, now with unique graphics, images, copy in the form of a narrative, and even music to set the mood. As many NFTs are essentially entertaining, we did not want technicalities to spoil the experience of enjoying items and the overall vibe.

Getting someone to understand a new system that is ahead of the time and enjoy using it is the pinnacle of design.

Creating websites for Web3 we place descriptions about the products, owners, technology, and philosophy behind it all in one site. That way, Web3-based businesses draw their audience closer and have new leads for competing in the online market.

Building sites for loud promotions

For this sector, we mainly built promoting websites for applications related to crypto and blockchain systems. The best part of it was clients that are always faced towards the innovative and fresh stuff, so we had the room to experiment with the UI. With these inventive people, we always agree on one thing - just because the website or app is about finances, it shouldn't be boring.

Promoting NFTs we mostly do unique sites or landing pages for some super-unique collections like Alpha & Omega Kongs. Working with NFT creators opens up more avenues to tap into never-ending inspiration. Matching NFT character, purpose, and mood, with buy and sell information and blockchain details, can be challenging. That's why every project is different, every creator and collection is unique. Our job is to promote that uniqueness through amazing UI experience.


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Stefan Ivic
CEO & Creative Director
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