As online presentation has never been more important working with the SaaS gets us pushing the limits of design that should draw and hold the attention.
The Core of SaaS

SaaS is not an industry itself but appears within many industries. SaaS, web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software can be accessed via the Internet without installation or maintenance. Therefore, there must be cooperation between the user and the provider who actually maintains it and takes care of performance and security.

Representation and guides for SaaS through design

Designing for SaaS is mostly about designing such apps or building websites that promote and sell SaaS. On these websites, it is important to highlight the ways of use so that with the help of the UI, users learn what the options and advantages are before they decide to pay for this service.

Different purposes of SaaS

Besides the basic functions and benefits of any software, users want to see if it fits their business. SaaS with their unique features can be helpful in many areas - marketing, finance, retail, healthcare, etc. That’s why SaaS providers usually deliver customizable software that can be easily tailored to many purposes and businesses.

Pricing and contact

Another vital thing in the presentation of SaaS and its providers on the website is the price of the service. Most often, it is about payment plans depending on what the offer includes. Talking about contact, communication, and cooperation between users and providers also needs a special place on the promo website.

Intuitiveness and flexibility

What is required of applications that facilitate people's daily life and help in business is that they are easy to use. Such an intuitive and pleasant interface is also required from websites that represent SaaS offers. We opt for minimalistic, simple layouts that can be smoothly modified and stay clear and concise to users all the way.

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Learning how to interact with customers is something that anyone starting any business must master -Marc Benioff
Design as the mediator

As the main idea of SaaS is to be of service, the most important factor here is the human factor. We are constantly enhancing interaction between humans and systems in order to save time, money and effort in tiring processes.

The role of aesthetics is to ensure the successful communication of messages. On one side of products and services, there are people who want to sell them, and on the other side are those who want to buy and use them. Design is what is in between. Understanding, trust, and the success of the cooperation depend gravely on its quality.


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Stefan Ivic
CEO & Creative Director
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