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Noze is a NASA-founded startup that produced the first odor perception platform that can decode signals indicating air quality. Their technology imitates the human nose in detecting particles in the air and it proved to be handy in many industries where people need to be aware of the air components.

In this web design project, we had a task to present Noze's product, technology, and philosophy behind it to their B2B audience. It required content for groups that would like to explore all the sides of the product, dive into the technology, contact the creators, and make a purchase.

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​​For Noze website, we wanted the design to have high-tech visuals, but also to stay inviting and warm. Noze's brand colors fit perfectly into a fresh and progressive look that is not cold as is usually the case in tech-related designs. For explaining how the air quality sensors work, it was necessary to combine graphics, copy, and motion, as we are talking about numerous technical terms and areas that can be difficult to understand.
What we did
  • Creating user flows and UX
  • Using the new brand identity to create a UI concept
  • Creating banners, presentations and associated materials for social networks
  • Creating 3D assets for their sensor device and website interface
  • Webflow implementation
  • Noze received $1M from “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” to build a breathalyzer powered by its “digital nose”.
Art direction
Stefan Ivic
Project management
Milos Babic
UI Design
Dijana Antanasijevic / Miljana Dobrota
UX Design
Webflow Development
Stefan Ninkov