Jun 2019

Giovanni Pizza

App Design
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Giovanni Pizza
Broworks Studio

Giovanni Pizza is a terrific mobile phone app through which customers can most easily order a pizza they like. With this app, it has become incredibly easy to combine fast and quality service.
That's because here, everyone can see what exactly is being prepared for them.

That's how we conceived the whole design of the application!
From the comfort of their home, customers can see the pictures of everything they want to put on their pizza. You choose the ingredients yourself, so you automatically see what your pizza will look like. It's like picking from a shop window on the spot!

When you take a look at the food that looks good to you, just click, and it will be delivered to your house. So, while you're having fun, the pizza master is expressly preparing your order.

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Improving Pizza Delivery Services Through

We are pizza lovers too!
Colorful, delicious, fast, and fun! We wanted our art, as always, to speak louder than words. And the pizza inspires us with all the colors and flavors, so we made an enticing design.
Everything from typography to the organization of various elements tells a modern and entertaining visual story.
Just look at our delivery! Can't you already smell the fresh pizza in your apartment?


The app diversity

This concept is doubly ingenious.
The target audience of this app is diverse and includes two core categories of users. It is adapted to real gourmets who would actively participate and enjoy food virtually and in reality. They can explore and go to all corners of the app designed just for true pizza lovers. For them, we have made the application a visual rhapsody, as it must be when it comes to food!

On the other hand, those who are in a hurry or just want a quick service can simply order their piece with one click. Quality is guaranteed in every sense.

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Two-faced Interface

As already mentioned, the interface is oriented on both gourmet and the users who just want to get it done fast. In this regard, "Make Your Pizza" is a very popular option among users who take time to pick their food.

Filters and Recommendations

To make the user journey easier and add deeper engagement, we worked out Smart Filters and arranged everything based on user onboarding results. All this is under the supervision of the pizza lovers themselves!

User Onboarding Experience

Everyone who makes their own pizza and sends it to the oven for baking gets 5 carefully selected questions. The answers to these questions help to discover the needs and recommendations of the users. After putting your favorite ingredients, take a look at the recommendations of satisfied gourmets and ratings of each piece. Here we also have a fantastic "Customer's Choice" where the best pizza made by the users of the app is chosen. See for yourself!

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