Aug 2020

App Craft Studio

Brand Identity
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François Boulais


App Craft Studio is an iOS application development company from Paris, France.
Their professional crew is devoted to developing applications with a great impact on people's lives. It mostly refers to improving the quality of social activity, which is the specialty of ACS. Nevertheless, they are generous enough to share their knowledge with others.

As a team that worked on their online emblem, we focused on all the values ​​of their brand.
A desire for progress and growth, all beautifully packaged and creatively displayed. It is the fuel that drives their work and inspires everyone, including us.

Creating something that would faithfully represent them had to fit into different contexts. For ACS needs, we delivered this new design in the form of a logo, email signature, social media colors, business card, and style guide book.

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Our approach

Simple Design is Great Design

Everything in ACS is about sharing!

That is why our final product is a symbol that gives a lot of information with a simple design. The call-on-action looking button is designed to stimulate customers and be a guide through their journey. The logo should connect with people and give the impression that it is somehow promising. It should also be a reflection of what is a vital part of a brand.
An interactive look is key!

Moreover, the choice and organization of colors support the whole idea. Activity and efficiency in shades. Orange radiates good energy, while black represents a serious and focused approach. Take a break and enjoy the smoothly done work done for this cool company from Paris!

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