Personal brand as a priority

April 27, 2023
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Are you a startup? Say you have something to offer to the world. You have the skill, the knowledge, the dedication. You offer service, product, quality.

You are a genius at something, and you know it! 

But do people know about you and your story?

App Craft Consulting branding

Let’s see. Starting something new is the most difficult thing in every domain of our lives, that’s for sure. You must know what should come first, what is the priority, and how to separate the important from the irrelevant. Sometimes, it even gets so complicated to determine the course along which some new ideas will move that people often get lost in the process.

But you know you have something to offer, to show, to share with others. You just don't know how to present it to the world.

It seems that having a great idea is enough for it to be noticed by many, but that is proved wrong. Unfortunately, many ingenious ideas have forever been left aside in a world that is teeming with information today. Why? Not because they are genuinely bad, but because they are not presented bravely and seriously enough to the world as a brand. A brand that speaks for itself and attracts attention.

Well, it's best to start with how deep a good brand leaves a mark in the world of marketing. You need to know that branding is not something that only big and rich companies do! This is not another plus in the work and functioning of a business.

A brand is something that represents your entire idea, energy, values, and skills.

Everything that someone needs to know about you can be found in the elements of the brand because it is your complete and full-fledged representative on the Internet. A valid visual image of your virtue. Your visual identity. We will show you how branding forms a pillar of your identity in a way that it becomes noticed and remembered.

Good Food branding


In a way, we have to admit that it is not always easy to create your brand. Because, for it to look good, it is necessary to set aside money for it. Fortunately, branding is a process that consists of designing smaller elements that play their roles in different fields. 

Those elements are:

and a bunch of small essential parts that link to each other. You can start with some of these. At the very beginning, part of the budget must be dedicated to the most widespread brand elements - logo and active marketing on social media.

Levinho Youtube cover design

The importance of a logo

The logo is the part that says a lot about you with a simple image. Let's say you're a gamer, and you want your followers to recognize you everywhere by some trademark. Think of something interesting you want to attach to your name! 

Good designers know how to use your strengths and valuable assets and turn them into a visual story that will fit into the logo frame. The logo should have your personality and unique sides because it will represent you in many places.

People will connect that image with what you do and how you do it! So, it has to be professional, it has to be good, it has to be you.

Simple as that.

Mcsus Music logo design

What is the purpose of a logo?

The logo should be your stamp, unique, with a transparent idea and interesting concept. Because, once people see it, you want them to remember it. This part you leave to the professionals because they can create an authentic and memorable design to present you to your future clients, followers, and users.

Real masters know how to create your logo and allow it to introduce you in any place by being responsive. Another thing that makes the logo a significant part of marketing.

Responsive logo

means that it can appear anywhere, maintaining the same quality and original idea in any size and any color palette, and any environment. That is why designers pay maximum attention to the customization of the logo because it is the most widespread element of the brand. Once you have it, it will spread your name and work everywhere and draw more and more people who need to see what you’ve got.

If you're still not completely with us, we will give you a few examples. Take a look at the logo redesign we did at Broworks for the streamer Sevou. It is needless to say that Sevou gaming logo, authentic mascot Spoidermon, quickly became an attraction in the world of gaming and got popular along with the whole Sevou story.

We did a similar thing for App Craft Studio that makes ingenious web & mobile apps. After the professional branding of this innovative company, all the numbers started to grow, and ACS's applications became even more popular.

You see, a brand is not something to play with because it plays seriously.

And one logo is certainly not “just a nice picture” but a powerful piece of a design that gives results.

App Craft Studio Branding

Social Media Activity

Social networks are perfect for advertising, so it is useful for your brand to have a well-designed page. You are a professional, or you are on the verge of becoming one, and you know you are good at what you do, but your brand has to say it for you. So, start showing off on social media!

If your logo and social media page look professional, it means you are a professional too.

This is something you easily could start with because it does not cost a thing. How successful your presence on the web is going to depend totally on how much you stay active and make relevant and interesting posts. Do it in words and pictures, and make sure people stop scrolling!

Posting on social media will attract more clients and followers because they will get to follow your activity, what you are doing, and it will again link to the image through which you presented yourself to them. This is a perfect way to keep in touch with followers, which is really useful in branding for gaming streamers.

Then, you want people coming back. 

Instagram mockup

Web Design

Web design is one way to offer more info about you after your appearance on social media grabbed attention. Websites are a whole new world, and it's not like only big companies have their web hubs. Startups do too.

The designers here really work wonders. Again, this is not just a place that looks good, but every corner is organized thoughtfully. Professionals know what your visitors want, where they stay the most, and they know how to guide them in surfing your site.

There you can put as much info as you want and bring again your personal appearance at the pages. People will be trying to find how to contact you, which should always be easy to find, and you could say a thing or two about yourself. Integrating your story in words, supporting it with pictures, and having it all well organized and designed to be pleasant for users, and you get another plus for your work.

Recruitment agency website design

Give them what they came for and more, and you will have people coming back. It is not about alluring clients, it is about creating something that will be pleasant and useful to clients and fruitful for you. It is a win-win situation.

But, remember. What you do and how you are building personal brand on the web should always be transparent, serious, and clear. Your brand is supporting your story, and your story must be truthful. Be bold, but play fair.

News website design

Two more things. If you have a company or so, it is useful to have an email signature and a business card.

An email signature with striking typography can complete the whole picture of your brand. It is the element that stands beneath email correspondence and supports the brand in personal communication between you and the client. This kind of stamp stands behind your words and says that you are correct and professional in your work. A business card does the same, as it is permanent proof of your work and cooperation with clients. It also provides quick access to your contact information.

Broworks brand identity design

This is literally like signing what you do, so people know that you, your team, and your company are serious about what you do. Among other things, the business card and email signature we designed for ACS have proven to be very successful examples of branding.

When you choose one way of branding yourself, all the other elements will come over time. You will see that they actually support each other and thus create one complete picture of your identity. We’ve seen the ways the logo, social media activity, website, and other elements do it.

Each listed element of the brand is vital because it attracts and maintains attention, directs people to cooperate with you and to come back to you satisfied by praising your work. That's why you need it!

Sevou logo redesign

Even if you are One Man Power, if you want others to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously. So, start thinking about the eye-catching brand identity elements that will stand up for you and speak for you.

Because, at the end of the day, you want people to react to your brand with: „Wow, this person is a pro“.

So, any ideas yet?