Oct 2020


Brand Identity
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PUBG Mobile Streamer

The world of gaming is an exciting place!

We were also super excited to work with Levinho, the PUBG Mobile Streamer. Gamers have their own ways to stand out in a crowd, as competing is definitely their art and their lifestyle. Our precious job is to highlight their name in a gaming society in an authentic visual way that is recognized by their fans.

Levinho needed a delicate facelift of the current logo. Just a small change of shape was enough to bring the whole picture to life. All that was characteristic of Levinho's logo, which represented him, had to be respected. His brand had to remain consistent and recognizable even to the oldest fans, who followed him from the beginning.

The brand of the gamer must be as loyal to the fans as they are loyal to him!

However, there should always be room for improvement.

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Logo and typography

Levinho chose a beast (wolf), with an orange color palette, as his representative. These are the basics of his logo that, as such, appeared and became popular on the Internet. These elements set the conditions for any attempt to change the logo, and they must not undergo drastic changes or be replaced by anything else. In other words, Levinho's orange wolf is recognizable, and that is the most important thing.

On the other hand, going deeper into the design, we noticed that the beast's head could have been better shaped. Rule number one in this process was the Golden Ratio rule. For a start, we positioned the head so that it is more obviously centered. Also, softening angles and giving curves a more elegant look, was exactly what gave the beast a typical appearance. In that way, the whole picture became more convincing. 


The logo has gone through many phases of change. Now we had to make sure that it would look good in different contexts. Check out the pattern of this little orange wolf in his new coat! Vividly colored and still recognizable.

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Logo Redesign and Refinement

As already mentioned, we kept the playful shades of orange. At the time of the reshaping, this gradient automatically got softer transitions between color shades and a completely fresh look. Now, with enhanced typography, it looks attractive on both light and dark backgrounds. It is legible, be it tiny like an icon or flashy like a poster!

Improved. Raised to a new level. Same, but different. Art is when you know when it is enough! 

We really enjoyed refining Levinho’s visual gaming identity! So please check out how we delivered this new, tinted, and elegant design.

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