Working as a Webflow developer at Broworks

April 27, 2023
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The role of a Webflow developer is one of the key roles at Broworks, as it is our main tool for developing the website.

After 2 years during which we developed our own studio working as a design and development agency, we embraced a new project model called Design Sprint.

We decided it was time to sit down with our Webflow developers and talk about what they do here at Broworks. Say hi to Stefan Ninkov, senior Webflow developer, and Aleksandar Mišljanov, junior Webflow developer.

Let’s start with the basics - Webflow developer role. What do you like the most about this role, what do you think is the most important responsibility of this position?

STEFAN: I like Webflow since it’s easy to use and it’s fast, not like other CMS platforms, SEO friendly and optimize websites instantly, as you go.

The most important responsibility in this position is to have experience in frontend, real coding experience not just website builders, that can be very beneficial for the person working in Webflow. You need to know the basics in code, website builders are easy to learn.

ALEKSANDAR: Since I have a bit of design background I always liked to see a good website. In Webflow I like the most that you instantly see what you create, not like in code where you need to publish it first.

The most important responsibility in this position is to transfer the design in Webflow the best way possible, on all devices, making sure that SEO and accessibility are in place. That everything is working perfectly without any issues.

Two white guys sitting in chairs and working on laptops

Can you tell us what your typical project looks like?

STEFAN: First, I look at the design together with a designer in order to understand how everything should look and work. Then I set up the Finsweet style guide in order to easily control and structure the rest of the website, where I start with the homepage as the first page I build. I usually map the whole website in my head before placing everything in Webflow.

Responsiveness, SEO, and animation I do in the end, unless I need to do some complex sections, I do that right away.

ALEKSANDAR: Starting from the beginning, I always start my project by discussing it with the designer and making sure how everything should look and work. After that I import all the assets and setup the Finsweet style guide, to be easier for me to organize the website.

After all is setup I start working on all pages, starting from a homepage. After all, the pages are built, we test them on all devices and setup on-page SEO.

What are the pros and cons working in Webflow?

STEFAN: The good thing is that Webflow is better than most website builders. Also, it’s way faster to build a website in there, than with traditional custom code.

There are not too many bad sides of Webflow, they could fix the slider though, but they are constantly working on it to make it better, which is great. Even some complex things can be done without using any custom code.

ALEKSANDAR: The good things about Webflow are that you can instantly see your progress, as I said at the beginning and the fact that you can build the website way faster than you can do that in custom code. 

The bad things are that some things you can’t do in Webflow and you need to use custom code. We had that issue for the Westchester Gutter Cleaning website where the form at the top of the page needs to refresh after you fill it up, so we needed to do it by using some custom code. But they are constantly working on it all the time in order to improve Webflow.

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What do you see as a main benefit working as Webflow developer at Broworks?

STEFAN: There is no pressure and no micro-management, which is one of the key factors for the majority of people, as well as having a lot of control over the project. You’re in control of the project and whatever happens is because of what you did, not someone else, you’re not fixing someone else mistakes.

ALEKSANDAR: I like working in a team, especially because there is always someone to help you and it’s easier to work with many people on one project than working alone. Then, everyone is always ready to laugh and have fun and when it’s needed we always work hard to achieve goals and provide good results. It’s also important to mention that whoever I ask for advice or help, they are always ready to do it without question.

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Last question - What is the most important characteristic for someone to be a developer?

STEFAN: That would be to be aware of yourself and your knowledge, willing to learn more and improve.

ALEKSANDAR: You have to be persistent, it takes time to be a good developer.