Dec 2019

Broworks Studio

Brand Identity
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Broworks Studio
Broworks Branding

From the very beginning, we knew what we wanted to represent us as a team. That is our serious approach to work and the positive energy that we project. Having that in mind, we carefully created our name and logo.

Nomen est omen!
Our name stands in the place of what we believe in and for what we work.

First of all, in Broworks we are friends. Our workspace is a place full of enthusiasm, where advice and ideas go in all directions. We trust our skills and see the best in each other.

Mutual support and counseling are the main pillars of our company
because we see ourselves as Brothers who Work in sync.

That's why we chose the name Broworks that proudly stands as a signature under each of our projects.

Trust that exists among the members of our team, we want to have with the clients as well. No matter how complex your problems are, we can solve them because we gather every day around the idea of a unique and successfully done job. From our beliefs, we created Hiro - the ninja mascot that stands as a representative of our team. Ninjas are known to perform each task effectively, with ease. That is our motto! Working professionally and thoughtfully, but delivering it smoothly and stress - free.

While the whole process looks simple, our team works delicately to carry out even the craziest ideas. There is no impossible. Our clients should know that they can leave everything to our team without any worries. We believe in both simplicity and perfection. And we can deliver it to you. That's what Hiro and his design stand for.

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Design Path

While creating a logo for Hiro, we used the rule of Golden Ratio as a base. Ninja's head is proportionally perfect to a naked eye. Ninjas generally wear only black, but as black color causes eye strain after a while, it is better to avoid it. That’s why we used dark gray for the head instead.

What is crucial is that the Hiro’s logo is legible and recognizable in a low visibility context and on any background. While designing it, we took into account every aspect of his purpose and representation. Apart from being our logo, it is also one excellent example of our dedicated work and profound research.

As such, Hiro is inseparable from our beliefs and work ethic and shows that logo is much more than a nice image!


Making Hiro stickers!

This was fun and rewarding in so many ways. The stickers completely revived Hiro and his character and expanded his use. A variety of emotions brought more colors into design, besides the dark gray and yellow. With Hiro's standardly cute look, we started using him everywhere on the internet. With new shiny stickers, we can all be a bit emotional!

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