8 Web design trends for 2021

April 27, 2023
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Web design trends have come!

Although they have been dominating the internet scene for some time, we want to single out a couple of them. And we want to say how successful they have been so far. Earlier this year, we talked about graphic design trends. In fact, what is trendy in graphic design is a trend in web design as well! In a way. Then, what is the difference?

What is web design?

Website design differs from graphic design in that it is strictly tied to interfaces that users actively visit and use. Everything on the pages must fit together in a way that is accessible and useful to everyone who visits the website. There is a lot of textual and visual information, and you want someone to find what they need quickly and easily. And that's why good website designs have to look sleek, and work even better!

In other words, we are looking for smart, user-friendly designs for your websites to be effective! From design styles to elements that enhance the website's functionality, we will mention 8 trends that have become important in 2021! And it will help you keep your website up to date!

Trends in design styles

1. Minimalism

Here it is! Simplicity on the web is what is most often wanted.

That is because we are often overwhelmed by piles of information that capture our attention. Minimalism has, therefore, crept into our lives and onto our websites smoothly. Why is it so appealing? Simple shapes and simplified typography can say enough things without cramping the website. While the appearance is incredibly fresh and pleasant.

Minimalist web design creates a relaxed atmosphere and gives the impression of a direct approach. This style is simply professional. All information is clear, concise and that is why many companies that want to express their seriousness and reliability to the client in the first place use minimalist web design. Needless to say, skillful designers can do exactly that with two shades and a few details to show precisely the thing that will leave an impact on the user. The good thing is that minimalism is very diverse because when the number of elements on a page is reduced, the combinations are innumerable. So it's not monotonous at all.

Less is more, they say. And they are right.

2. Brutalism

We design, shape, polish, redesign and finally look at the perfect piece. Well, some designers see their perfect piece right away, the way it is! When did this happen?

Whether brutalism web design arose in response to all the rules and the deep design process or not, we do not know exactly. But someone said that a raw image or shape is a perfect piece of design and many stick to it in 2021. It turns out that people love raw materials on the website! The key to brutalism is that the elements look unprocessed, untouched, and many would say, unorganized. We would say that this is a specific design direction that appreciates the natural properties of the elements. The organization is seemingly chaotic and very flexible yet very planned.

What’s interesting is that it goes great with a character that’s just as defiant and rebellious. Brutalism is good to express yourself, artistically or rebelliously, or to simply stand boldly behind your ideas. It can send strong messages to your audience. And if your audience is bold, they will be delighted. But be careful if this is your style. When it comes to good web design, remember that it has to be user-friendly because it is a UI design.

As brutalism can be chaotic and a bit aggressive, one can experience it in a bad way. As much as you like this look, don't make it uncomfortable for site visitors because the pages should still be scannable, and the search should be quick and easy. Fortunately, some professionals know how to let brutalism play on your side without compromising the website functionality. For the perfect look, contact no one but the designers who offer web design services!

3. Organic design

Another style that wins hearts is the organic style! It is so sweet and refreshing that it won over the masses very quickly. Flowers, plants, earthy, and pastel colors are arranged so beautifully that they add warmth to the overall picture. With the organic design, everything is in warm shades, with delicate typography and natural materials. It serves to create a pleasant environment in the name of everything that has to do with nature. That is why it is used mostly by those who offer some natural products!

This style can be said to be the opposite of professional design styles with cool colors and a business atmosphere. And as each design style has its advantages, it is essential to know what kind of message you want to send. Organic design with small arrangements here and there speaks of healthy products. And not only that. It can serve to spread thoughts about environmental protection and ecologic products and activities! With organic design, the internet has flourished!


4. Illustrations

In addition to design styles, there are also individual elements. They can appear as the primary or secondary part of the design.

There are never outdated illustrations! Because you can't just do without them. The illustrations themselves are so diverse that they constantly appear in new forms and with new roles. Traditional drawing, painting, or digital spells bring characters to life and paint new stories. Illustrations are a miracle! Whatever you imagine can be drawn, realistically, avant-garde, geometrically, in retro style, black and white, in color, and so on. The options are various, and one thing is for sure - illustrations are the most common type of effective web design element.

If you want to show your character through the website, you can easily insert a cartoon on the pages. If you sell a product, you can make it more attractive through an interesting illustration. Whatever you do, your website can have images that are associated with your business. Illustrated content can depict any situation you want to show to a user. With a particular artistic technique, an atmosphere is created around the drawing that follows the user through searching the website. Illustrations are simply powerful when you have a professional who knows how to use all the powers of an illustrated story.

Website design by Craftwork Studio

4.1 Geometry

Special reference to geometry as a big part of modern web design trends. Geometric figures proved to be infallible parts of various visuals. That is because they are so regular in their shape that they are great as building blocks! 

Square, circle, triangle are so simple shapes that they can be used in various ways in all styles. Depending on the elements and typography they go with, they can give a modern, minimalist look, as well as complex optical illusions. Their use goes to that great extent! Geometric shapes evolve, combine in various colors, create patterns, but remain perfectly simple that designers are always happy to use them. Especially when it comes to website design, these shapes can be pleasing while not burdening the user’s eye. They are common shapes and that is why they are often interactive in designs that are UI.

Website by Simon Goetz

5. 3D elements in the design

3D has been trendy for a while now, and it doesn’t stop evolving! It has become a symbol for 2021 because, with the third dimension, everything looks more realistic and present.

The tangible look of the shape gives a unique experience and looks interactive. And, interactivity is the most significant feature of 3D elements in modern web design. Here, we are talking about figures and images with depth, which invite you to click on something. They are actively interacting with users. A realistic 3D look openly invites you to participate in discovering all corners of the website. Besides, it gives some real futuristic vibe too.

 Neuromorphic parts of the design are interesting too. These are often buttons and switches that look convex, something like keyboard buttons. Such classic call-to-action elements should attract the active attention of visitors. And that is one of the good web design principles. Therefore, they are perfect for websites. In other words, it is important to know which elements of the website are functional, etc. whether they are leading somewhere or doing something relevant. These are the clickable elements that guide the user through the pages of the website. As 3D elements already look like there is something more hidden behind them, they are perfect for increasing interactivity.

The point is that everything on the site should maintain and guide the user's attention through much information. So, in addition to being functional, the relevant elements must look attractive. And here we come to another secret of a successfully designed website. Animation.

Website design by Romain Briaux

6. Animation

The animation itself is already an interesting thing. Because we love pictures on the go!

That's because we often can't take our eyes off a cool moving image. Images and objects in motion adds a lot to the interactivity as well as to the overall atmosphere. Today, 3D animated objects and figures are extremely popular. 3D animation has all the qualities for a design that has a demanding audience - it looks modern and cooperates with users. The best thing is that animation can be added to all shapes and styles! Moving pictures. Spinning objects. Lively illustrations and drawings. You can animate the content of your website, no matter what style you prefer! Best web design trends are based on the use of animated content.

Now, we want to especially mention floating objects. They are becoming more and more popular nowadays! That's because they are not only calling for action in some part of the page, but they are creating a nice atmosphere too. An object that moves slowly up and down really can look relaxing. And that is exactly what we need on the Internet in the future! Isn't that cool?


7. Light Mode - Dark Mode

This trick is neither a style nor an element of design, it is a MODE. So any website can have it and, whatsoever, it is recommended!

Maybe we're used to a light background with darker letters, and maybe we're a little tired of it. Fortunately, Dark Mode is becoming increasingly popular on websites where the primary colors and backgrounds are in dark shades. First of all, it should be noted that this has a much smaller effect on eyesight because darker shades are more pleasant to look at than lighter ones. The contrast on the screen is also not so strong in Dark Mode. It is desirable that for a more pleasant searching, each website has the option to switch to Dark Mode. Because we look at the screen too much...

The Dark Mode is becoming a helpful resting mode in our long hours on the Internet. That's why all modern web design examples already have a toggle for it. And we are grateful! As with Dark Mode, you need to know how to handle colors for more enjoyment. A gradual transition between colors on a website becomes a much better option than a combination of entirely different colors. Think about how to tame the basic colors and get tints that will please the human eye.

8. Color gradient

Gradual color palettes give beautiful transitions between sections on the website. Not only that. They can easily highlight or hierarchize content. A lighter shade for the background color, or a large part of the content, and darker for interactive elements and buttons very nicely present the website to the user. There is no doubt that this will be a pleasant experience for everyone!

Website design by Ramotion

So, to conclude.

This year as well, the most important things on the website are the scannable content, interactive elements, and a pleasant environment! New trends are based on these web design basics, and they follow them in an incredibly modern and smart way. These are some of the most influential web design trends for 2021, but we expect more new things! Design is a process that will always combine aesthetics, effectiveness, and practicality in the world of information in the most creative way possible.

We can't wait to see the results!