Is the Webflow website development platform right for your business?

April 27, 2023
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Need a good website? Well, of course, you do.

Having a website is like having a strategic port in the sea of information on the Internet. That is something that every company should have. All the important information about you should be on your website. Besides, these pages are the ground for many different content types that will attract, inform, educate or entertain anyone who comes by.

Okay, we get that.

But, how to make a good website and place everything effectively on the pages? For that, of course, there are different platforms and builders that professionals work with. If you are new to building websites, you probably already have a headache because you know you have to deal with CODING.

Well, don't worry! Today we present to you the Webflow platform, which has masterfully facilitated and improved the work of creating websites. We will introduce you to all the benefits of Webflow that will tell you if this website builder is right for you.


That is the first and ground feature of Webflow!

All the benefits that this platform provides come from this revolutionary feature. In short, Webflow translates code into visual elements for you. Just drag the entire content into the canvas and immediately see what something will look like on your page. Translation: No more coding! This feature saves so much time and energy that it is a real pleasure to work on the website. Of course, that doesn't mean you don't have to learn how to use Webflow.

However, creating content from scratch is much easier without coding that needs to be translated and checked constantly. In Webflow, you immediately see all the elements you integrate into the content in the live version. So, the work on the website is more direct. And the design process is cleaner.

What does this mean for a company?

Team-friendly platform

Companies generally involve more people of different skills. We have editors, designers, writers, marketers, developers, and the like. Each of these people is working on the essential content and appearance of the website. Which would mean they need to know how to code. Often, it is impossible to put together a team that can code in addition to everything else it does. That is why Webflow is ideal as a sort of team tool! 

Designers and writers can work directly with the content without wasting time explaining to a third party what and how to put it on the website. Webflow is clear canvas on which any member of your team can work directly. Meaning, no one is going to rush a developer to do the coding job. Which is great! Imagine how much time you can save if each team member directly does their part of the job.

That leads us to another thing, flexibility.

Creative freedom and flexibility

As the Webflow dashboard is accessible for everyone to work with, it is also very flexible. As we mentioned, Webflow allows you to see all the content live. So you can immediately assess whether you like how something looks on the page.

Then, illustrating interactive content has never been easier. Instead of testing how an interactive element works in Photoshop, you can now do so directly in the Webflow. It skips a large number of steps in the design process. It also narrows the number of tools and programs you need to work with. Manipulating elements of any type has never been smoother. Therefore, working in Webflow brings great creative freedom, which designers will especially appreciate.

Next thing. Webflow is constantly partnering with you and guessing what you need. In Webflow, it is possible to create collections of UI elements that can be useful to the entire team working on the website. So-called team templates are being helpful indeed. Then you can have templates for each page of the website as a starting point for designing. Webflow is full of these tiny options that serve as great tools. 

The whole platform strives to make work easier and faster. It gives instant results and remembers reusable patterns for further work so you can create many pages at once. And the benefits of Webflow do not end here.


All the web pages you create in Webflow are incredibly responsive. This platform provides reflow for tablet screens, phones, and the like. 

So you don't have to worry about your website falling apart on a screen of a different size. It is shown as extremely useful and saves time.

Maintaining, evolving, refreshing

Let’s say you’ve successfully mastered all the magical options of Webflow, and now your website is ready. We all know what's next. Updating. Work on the website does not end after its launch because a lot of content requires constant maintenance. That is to be expected. 

Whatever you do, you have to be up-to-date. Otherwise, your services and products will not mean anything to your customers. It is usually burdensome to edit and refresh web content because you tried so hard to make everything turn out perfectly. If you have a custom-built website coded by the developer, it means that every change must go through the code.

In Webflow, that's not a problem either. Everything is automated. From the moment you start working on the website, the Webflow records your process and makes backup versions of it. The platform is open for anyone on your team to enter and easily edit content, almost on the spot! You want to add a new page, a piece of content, to redesign something. You can do it on the spot. And live, of course. The changes no longer create a headache because everything is instant and entirely under your control. 

Everything else about updating is in Webflow control. Automatically.

If we take all this into account, one could say that this platform has brought something ingenious to the process of web design. Webflow is a team playground where there is no coding and miscommunication. It presents the entire content exactly as the viewer understands it best, whether he is a designer, marketer, or writer. As such, it is accessible to all, and the work in it is direct and transparent!

If you have a team that is actively involved in the business, Webflow can be your ideal tool for creating a website. It does complex jobs for you while you focus on the more important things. Besides, it is independent of the type of product, service, and style worn by your brand. So, in it, you can create a website for any purpose!

In sum, this lightweight alternative saves time, energy, and money for companies that are active, modern, and dynamic in business.  If you are like that, Webflow is ready to follow that pace!