Oct 2020


Brand Identity
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Professional Streamer

Sevou is another PUBG streamer who made sure his name echoes in the gaming community. We were lucky enough to work with him and his brother Levinho, who wanted to bring their brands out in a new way. 

Sevou ingeniously created his own brand when his alter ego Spoidermon won over large masses of fans.
An opportunity has been given to us, so we harnessed all of our creativity to deliver a new shine to his already well-known trademark. Check it out!
Spoidermon is conceived as a comic character with a red sock on his head. Its logo gives the impression of a goofy personality, and it is specifically designed and presented on the Internet. When people notice it, they immediately know who it is. As Spoidermon is a character whose appearance speaks louder than words, we wanted to take his design to a higher level and make it even more ingenious.

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Logo design and colors

Sevou’s upgrade!

The logo had to keep its cartoonish character. We smoothly changed the shape of the head and glasses. The new, more elegant appearance immediately gave a sharper look to the Spoidermon. The recognizable head in the sock remained cool and teasing, but it got a slightly more professional note. Therefore, everything from the main lines to the individual elements of the logo has undergone a subtle change.

The typography required special attention. Sevou's name is now more expressively presented. After getting a sharper form it matched perfectly with the refreshed logo. As name became a vital element of design, the whole visual representation became more personal. 

The same goes for colors. White, red, and black were something like landmarks in this design. They were helpful in carefully choosing certain shades that were more pleasing to the eye and more stylish.



In the end, playing with outlines and backgrounds caused even more amazing effects! Now logo as such, and separate elements of its design can fit perfectly on various surfaces and in different contexts. Dynamic and boosted. Check out all versions of Sevou's logo in its new skin!

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