UI/UX Design

The marketing industry is one of the first to know the importance of good company representation, both offline and online. That's why cooperation with the Tiddle marketing agency was more than full of fresh ideas, understanding, and precision. The web design and development we did for them started with getting to know Tiddle’s role as a marketing mediator, the big brands they work for and their unique TikTok content creators. Now we were the ones looking to create useful and interesting content for an inspiring online impression of Tiddle.

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We started with UX research of two target audiences, brands and content creators, to find out which content best speaks to them. That's how Tiddle got two anchor pages (For Influencers and For Brands) which differ in dynamics, tone and power messages. Tiddle's logo was a good inspiration for the shapes that add flow and playfulness. With such line shapes and light coral color, we gave the For Influencers page a more passionate look and feel. We used shades of blue for creating a friendly atmosphere on the For Brands page. Since one of the goals of the site was the presentation of the Tiddle application, we displayed its functions with the most significant benefits of influencer marketing. So the Tiddle product, service and the best of their collaborations got a valuable, interesting online space to fill with their future projects!
What we did
  • Run a deep competitor analysis and industry research
  • Designed a user-friendly and intuitive website
  • Created a bunch of custom videos and motion graphics that helped visualize processes and services
  • Implemented the website on Webflow
Art direction
Stefan Ivic
Project management
Milos Babic
UI Design
Miljana Dobrota
UX Design
Tijana Kostic
Webflow Development
Stefan Ninkov