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Sanshu is another NFT collection that proves that art is constantly finding new and intriguing ways to express itself. This particular collection takes inspiration from anime illustrations and Japanese art styles mixing them into a game-like environment. That combination made the creation of a visual identity very interesting, which was later reflected in the web design for their promo site.

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In creating visual identity, it was necessary to use well-known elements of Japanese culture, but to display them in a fresh way. It was vital to achieve uniqueness in the look and message that Sanshu world holds in order to for it to become a memorable NFT brand. Bright colors and a playful look prevailed both in the visual identity and the promo site of the Sanshu collection. We didn’t skimp on the coloring, rich illustrations, motion, and all the details that should provide an unforgettable experience for NFT buyers, sellers, enthusiasts, and fans of this unique look.
What we did
  • Created a design system that is applied to diverse brand items, from a web app to a website
  • Designed an identity that translates the core idea of the brand
  • Designed a descriptive and modern website
Art direction
Stefan Ivic
Project management
Milos Babic
UI Design
Dijana Antanasijevic
UX Design
Webflow Development
Stefan Ninkov