Website Design for B2B: Useful Tips and Strategies

April 27, 2023
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What should a B2B company website look like and why?

If you thought you didn't need to think and think about this, you're wrong. First of all, each piece of design created by professionals has its specific purpose and one or more roles. The website design also has many roles.

Web design refers to the aesthetic appearance and functional organization of a website. So, it is a kind of design that positions you on the internet, where people can find you, see what you do, and contact you. Therefore, it is crucial that the site looks good and is effective. How effective?

Let's cut to the chase!

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B2B vs B2C

Before we start talking about website design, we need to clarify what a B2B business is. B2B stands for business to business, which says a lot for itself. That means that companies that run this business offer products or services to other companies that need them for their business. How come? Let's say that the focus is not on the individual customers but companies that cooperate and "share resources". You must have heard of something like that.

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Broworks studio is a digital agency creating designs of any kind. Our designs, full branding, or content we create help others to advertise online. Earlier, we used to work more with other companies in the production chain (B2B). However, we now work more with end consumers (B2C) and offer design and branding services. We do that with the professional design of both websites and other elements of branding.

Why is this important when it comes to a website for B2B companies?

That is because a website for B2B will not look the same as a website for B2C companies (companies that offer their products to customers). B2B companies, as we have already seen, have clients who play in the same field as them. So, the audience is specific and can be said to be a bit more demanding.

Information organization and transparency

Since other companies want to present themselves as professional and serious in their work, they will look for it in the companies they work with. Therefore, the website must include the most relevant and transparent information about your company and business. Whether it’s a product or a service, people from another company won’t spend a lot of time figuring out what you do. It is better for what is important to be noticeable and to be seen first. Also, to be legible.

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So, when you think about the art direction or style for the pages of your website, be careful not to go too far. In other words, stay away from overly artistic styles that serve more to leave an aesthetic impression. The website style should look more professional, modern, or classic because that way the information can be seen more clearly.

Think about the purpose of your site, and that is to make it clear to customers relatively quickly what you are offering.

Support the brand and drive engagement

Clients respect you when you are original and honest. The whole story about the site should support your entire brand and company policy. Therefore, designers always strive to obtain all the information about your company, team, and services. When they do, they create a design that reflects all of that. 

The pages of the website will show your authentic character, values ​​, and beliefs. Based on that, customers will be attracted to cooperate with you. Unlike B2C companies, B2B company’s goal is not to grow a massive traffic flow but to enable a direct lead to collaboration. Therefore, design elements will always reflect that partnership in some way.

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Easy communication

Another vital thing is getting in touch. The website is your communication medium, a window into the market where you find companies for cooperation. As soon as they see what you do, people will want to contact you. Make your information easy to find on the website! It's an ultimatum.

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We have already said that the focus of the B2B website is not on some artistic expression. The focus of websites for such companies is content that is thoughtfully presented and meaningful. This certainly does not mean that the pages of the site should not be sleek.

So, here are a few elements that are highly functional on the website for B2B companies. To look serious and create a collaborative atmosphere.

  • COLORS. Everyone wants to have some recognizable colors that will associate people with the company. An easy-to-remember color combination is a good thing! However, we suggest that you study color psychology for these purposes. For example, cool colors such as blue and gray give a drop of seriousness and professionalism to the design. Warm colors create a lively atmosphere and call for action. Besides, black and white can appear in any combination, especially as part of an elegant, modern design. In addition to psychology, colors are also related to the biology of the eye. One may not notice immediately, but color shades affect the sense of sight so you can strain the eye of the observer. That is the case with, for example, pitch black. After a long time, it can be tiring to watch, so very dark gray colors are used instead. If you want more tips about colors in a design, check out some of our previous articles about colors.

Website by Dawid Jankowski
  • IMAGES. It is known that a good picture speaks more than a thousand words. Appealing visual content, such as photos or illustrations, may become another source of information for users and help them perceive your message better. So, a powerful image can leave a good impression on users. The trick is to choose the image that best represents you so it can be used on the website as a background, add-on, link, and the like.
Website by Soren Iverson
  • 3D ELEMENTS. These are trendy today! 3D images are not just interesting, but they give a realistic impression. Shapes become more tangible and what’s even better is adding a slight movement to them. Objects that are animated have special modern charm. Animations are popular in modern designs and are often flattering in a minimalistic style while still looking very engaging.
Website design by Jessica Strelioff
  • VIDEOS. Video elements are an even richer source of information. Moving objects combined with text or sound fantastically maintain attention and entertain users. However, it may influence the loading speed of the page so this element needs to be well-weighed.
  • CTA ELEMENTS. CTA buttons in B2B are far more important than in B2C since their customers are busier and don’t tend to spend much time looking at the page. Thus, designers need to color and highlight CTA’s smartly to increase customers ’chances of finding them easily. All of this can be crucial to the conversion rates of your website. And that is the percentage of users who have taken an action that is important to you.
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  • TYPOGRAPHY. As we said, it’s crucial to let website visitors immediately understand why any information on your website is beneficial to them. So, use the catchy slogan or tagline which will express your values ​​and strengths briefly and clearly. It has a vital role in setting the mood and style of the message you want to show. Again, take care of its visual performance. Typography must be legible above all and guide users on the right path.
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  • CONTENT FIRST. If you think a lot of information is a good thing, you are wrong. Although many people think that a lot of information about a product or business will impress a site visitor, it usually has a counter-effect. Too much content can confuse, irritate or tire a visitor. The visitor, then, does not know what is significant, forgets what he was looking for at first, and very likely leaves the website. To avoid the mess where pages are hard to scan and visual hierarchy isn’t thought-out properly, apply design techniques and layout. These layouts can easily extract and highlight core information and organize everything you have to say. Your users need to understand your entire website well, so quality is again before quantity.
Website design by Kreativa

  • UNDERSTANDABLE COPYWRITING. The amount of copy (text) that is being used on a website differs from user research and the services a company provides. For example, if a new or unknown company presents its product it may be important to give users more information. Usually, strategies are used to guide users to some meaningful action. But, if a successful or well-known company presents its products or services, a short copy is enough to encourage users to buy it. In any case, copy blocks shouldn’t be too long and unscannable but short and impactful.
  • SIGNS OF TRUST. Winning users' trust is very important in any marketing design. For users to choose your company from all the countless competitors, you have to brag about a couple of your successful works. Choose a nice place on the site to show testimonials, references, and other signs of trust from previous clients or popular or well-known companies.
Website design by Dwinawan

In addition to all the above, there are a lot of details that your designer needs to work on. But basically, if you have a B2B business take a look at everything we’ve set aside for you. Here are some things that are vital to creating a website that should present your B2B business.

After all, you need to know how to offer something to the companies that are experts in offering services themselves.

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Present yourself to your potential partners with a well-designed website that would be a sight to see!