6 Reasons why your logo needs to be simple

April 27, 2023
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How many times have you heard the phrase less is more? Probably many. Do you know what this means exactly? Or are you still wondering how you can get something informative enough with as little detail as possible? Especially in designing brands, people sometimes doubt that simplicity can be an option. Simply, a lot needs to be said through a visual message. And yet, whenever a new one-line, simple-shaped piece of design appears, the audience is thrilled.

That is why we ask: How much power lies in simplicity in design? Even when we know why, do we know how to simplify the design successfully? And when exactly should we use all the potentials of simple design? What particularly interests us today is the appearance of the logo as part of branding. A logo is your badge, a means of identification, the most widespread image of your brand. So, should it, as a carrier of first-hand information, be designed as a simple shape? Many say - yes, and here's why.

We give you 6 reasons why your logo should be simple, and we confirm it with timeless designs. Simple and quality logo design is:

1. Memorable

The first and key function of any logo. You want people to hear about you, to see you, and to remember you. And your logo makes it possible by appearing in places from billboards to small icons on the Internet! The logo should be as simple as possible so that people, your potential audience, can remember it easily and quickly. That is simply a matter of the human brain, and in addition to all the things we have to remember during the day, make sure you also remember your elegant logo. 

Simple logo - easy to remember. Just look at which logo of the car company people correctly remembered when asked to draw them from memory.

2. Direct

Whatever you have to say can come in one clear form, trust us. If you add a lot of details to the image of your logo, you will only confuse the viewer. This way the logo will not convey the important message you have, and that is its leading function. One well-shaped detail speaks more than an overcrowded image because it directly and remarkably conveys exactly what is needed. You lose nothing if you throw out unnecessary elements. On the contrary, by eliminating them, you will reach the core and most stable design element. When all attention is on that one element, use it to send a powerful message to the viewer.

3. Versatile

It is not enough to make just one variant of the logo. However, it should appear in different places and backgrounds and should always play its role well. A simple logo has the advantage of being easily customized without changing its appearance drastically.

You can have the logo printed in reverse, in one color, on the billboard and the business card, and so on. And all these variants are necessary. Imagine then how complicated it would be to transform a complex logo into these versions without losing its original appearance? Very hard. That is exactly why the minimalist logo always adapts better. It goes well on any background, as well as in any concept, with any other content.

Logo and Branding for App Craft Consulting

4. Adaptable to purpose

What is the purpose of your brand, that is - what do you do?

Let's say you sell healthy food, and now you want to expand your business to cosmetics. However, your logo is shaped like bread or fruit, and now it no longer represents everything you do and offer. Minimalist logo designs work without problems in this case as well! All you have to do is choose a vital value that represents your way of doing business and shape a logo according to that. Even when you expand your business, your logo will still authentically represent you.

See, for example, the logo of our Broworks agency. Our Hiro may not explicitly show that we are engaged in the design, but it shows our positive energy, fraternal relations, and efficiency. Over time, Broworks expanded the business to various types of design, SEO, and writing. However, Hiro continued to represent the core of our company successfully.

5. Resistant to trend changes

The minimalist style of quality design is often timeless. Take a look at the Prada fashion house logo. Prada is a symbol of modern business that always keeps pace with the times, and yet, they are represented by a simple typographic logo. Their logo has changed minimally over time, which shows that the design is almost perfect. Such a logo is not in danger of changing trends precisely because its simple appearance does not serve only one time and style. The passing of time does not affect simple designs, so they are always modern. That is why, after all, a fashion house does not ask for any more modern look for its logo than this simple one.

6. Widespread

Simple logos that are not whole complex images are more likely to attract more people.

Concrete and complex elements might not catch everyone's eye. On the other hand, in abstract and simplistic forms, people see space to interpret the image freely and connect with it. That is why such logos have long attracted many people of different ages, interests, statuses, and the like. Of course, your brand, and even your logo, should have a target audience. 

However, a simple logo has the power to communicate with a wide range of audience. Simplicity does not require any specific tastes and so can actually be appealing to everyone. By simplifying to an almost basic, permanent form, logo shapes have taken on a new level of aesthetics.