NFT and UI Design

April 27, 2023
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NFT (non-fungible token) is not a title that is immediately clear to everyone. Moreover, it seems confusing. That is, perhaps, because NFT is a relatively new thing and links to the latest technology. So, let us explain to you what NFT is! 

And not just by defining it, but by telling you why it became popular, how you can use it, and how it’s tightly tied to all sorts of creative works, most of all web design. Like everyone else, when something new appears, we want to find an answer to the question: what do we need this new thing for?

So, today we are talking about how NFT is relevant for creatives like designers, illustrators, animators, and similar. Yes, it seems that NFT artists gave designers hands full of work. So we'll start with a brief definition and talk about it.


  • What is NFT?
  • Why is NFT so popular?
  • Why would you buy NFT?
  • NFT and Design
  • Why would we work with NFT?
  • 1-o-1 vs collections
  • NFT teams
  • Investing in NFT

Hiro NFT landing page design

What is NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain). But, what does it actually mean?

Let's break it down into parts and explain it as briefly as possible.

  • Unique Data. NFT can be any authentic digital file like a photo, video, audio, etc.
  • Non-interchangeable. Each NFT unit has a different value, so you can't swap one for the other.
  • Blockchain technology. Allows you to buy NFT using cryptocurrencies which grants you proof of ownership.
  • Proof of ownership. You are the only owner of the unique NFT piece.
  • Copyrights. Proof of ownership does not grant you the copyrights to NFT. The author or seller can subsequently transfer the copyrights to you or not.

So what do we know so far? We know that NFT is an item, any digital item, and most often a form of art. We know that it is sold in a specific way through blockchain technology, where each item is placed and registered on a digital ledger. All information about the sale of this item is recorded through blockchain technology and ensures the purchase.

So, when you buy an NFT item (picture, sticker, audio, etc.) for a cryptocurrency, you know that you have bought a unique, original piece that no one else has, and that becomes part of your collection. So can we imagine NFT items as part of a large digital museum? Well, sort of.

We have already said that visuals are the most sold as NFT items like pictures, stickers, animations, photos, etc. Of course, other digital files can also be sold as NFT. The question is, how exactly does it differ from ordinary sales. Well, this buying and selling relationship is what makes NFT so famous.

Trumpy Dumpy NFT landing page design

Why is NFT so popular?

The fact that one becomes the owner of the authentic piece of digital art has attracted large masses of people.

First of all, due to cryptocurrencies, NFT is now available to everyone around the world, which is, you guessed it, a great thing for both buyers and artists! So, one of the most attractive sides of NFT is that it’s accessible! NFT has opened the door for artists to sell their art, and a bunch of talented content creators has finally got to display their awesome works in a way that anyone can see and buy them. 

On the other hand, this also applies to buyers. You can search for items you want to have in your collection for whatever reason. And you can do it by using crypto anytime and anyplace! The fact that NFT items are at everyone's fingertips is not the main reason why people buy things like this. In fact, why would you buy an NFT when there is a lot of it everywhere? Well, the answer is - because every NFT item is unique! That’s what practically makes it a piece of value!

Now, you can see that there are good reasons why NFT art is so popular. People actually buy NFT pieces for big money. How big, you ask? For example, according to the most recent information, the artist Beeple sold his NFT called EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS - for $ 69.3 m. That's a lot, no? That's what we are talking about here. The originality of a real collector's item, an authentic work of art, is what raises the price of NFT so much. So, when you buy an NFT, you are the sole real owner and have every right to use it as you wish.

Here we come to the part where we talk about the way to use the NFT item!

Athletic Tigers NFT landing page design

Why would you buy NFT?

First, purchasing NFT, you get a rare authentic item in your possession.

Secondly, that NFT item can be used in many ways. You can use it as a profile picture, a representative photo, or even a pledge. Many people buy it to make NFT a part of their identity on the Internet or simply because of aesthetic reasons. Something like people buying skins for video games. Of course, NFT costs much more than in-game skins, but that's because of its great features - authenticity, non-fungible nature, and even artistic value.

Above all, the diversity of NFT is another good thing. NFT can be pictures of cute animals, goofy fictional characters, various gifs, high-quality art, photos of people, places, events, and even selfies. Depending on your preferences, you can find some NFT content that will resonate with you personally, something related to your life, job, interests, hobbies, and the like. So, there is something for everyone. Quite relatable stuff!

Digital Hippies NFT landing page design

NFT and Design

This NFT-enabled artist and art promotion have caught our attention as a design studio. Of course! That's because we are creatives ourselves, and we have a huge desire to support people who create interesting visual content. And as always, we are here to direct the light towards everyone who creates quality artwork! Since this is a sea of collectibles, cleverly woven and appealing websites play an essential part in promoting NFT.

That's why, like all you guys who wondered why to buy or sell NFT, we asked ourselves:

"Why would we work with NFT?"

That is why we started our research of this interesting universe! When we became sure that we understood how NFT works, we realized that creators and buyers too needed a platform like websites. That was our first stop. We saw an opportunity to design a space where creators could present and show off their NFT products among many others. That space would also make it easier for customers to find and search NFT! So, we dug into the universe of NFT to find a way to put everything on well-formed, engaging web pages!

Because like with every other product NFT artists need great web design to enter the huge Internet market! After all, we want to support fellow artists! That’s how NFT websites have become part of our mission, and we envisioned them as internet points where artists/sellers meet collectors/buyers. Besides, we started to enjoy those projects immensely and sought to make it a high-end UI experience!

Awkward Aliens NFT landing page design

1-o-1 vs collections

Indeed, NFT items can be so diverse that designing their story can be a real challenge! NFT can appear as 1-o-1 pieces but also as collections of similar or thematically linked items. And some artists created amazing sets of NFTs, adding that urge to collect and have them all! Just check out these cool Awkward Aliens NFTs we have been working on!

The point is that, in selling these collections, web design can play a big role. Because once an NFT collection is ready for buying, it needs to be delivered to the public via a website. These websites need to be a perfect setting for NFT products on the big, wide Internet. Simple as that.

We in Broworks have been working on NFT collections for some time now. Some of our favorite work was designing the site for Alpha Guardians, an amazing collection of NFT 3D figures. There we’ve seen that the main point in making a site for NFT products is delivering it in a very clear way. The artwork, instructions on how to browse and buy it, the info about creators and storyline, etc. 

Because behind some NFT art, you can find a great story that artists came up with while creating it. These can add some character to the NFTs, history of their very own universe, and breathe life to them. That’s what makes them even more appealing, and we believe it has to be well-shown in web design too. NFT websites must be engaging as well!

That's why interactive and animated content often gives great experience in NFT websites. In addition to fluent search, users always appreciate it when you allow them to get to know the NFT items in an educational and fun way. So, let buyers explore and enjoy visuals and stories that enhance the entire NFT world. That's why a quality website will not only present NFT as a ready-to-sell product but as an interesting item with deeper meaning and value!

So, our job as designers is to, once again, display these items and everything about them in matching the most pleasing way. Through smart and interactive UI designs, of course! We may even raise awareness about quality NFT content by creating enduring designs that present these items to the right audience.

Alpha Guardians NFT Landing page design

NFT teams

Another significant aspect is that NFT truly brings people together!

With their unique nature, we see that NFT items can have art value, they can be pictures, illustrations, gifs, etc. That is definitely a fruitful field for illustrators and animators to show off their skills. On the other hand, NFT can often have an entire storyline that writers need to put into words in the most interesting way. That is why it is not uncommon to form entire teams of creatives who work only on NFT! 

As we said, web designers and developers are here to create the perfect interactive design that will exhibit these items, explain how NFT and blockchain technology works, and make it easier for everyone to sell or buy these unique works. Quite a role! In addition to each member having a piece of work to do, NFT is a super creative area that allows people to express themselves through word, image, and sound!

Team section for Part Lion Kingz NFT website

Investing in NFT

We believe that investing in NFT should refer to investing in all the good features of digital items that are sold this way. Because it can be anything digital, NFT is still an unexplored well of possibilities.

As such, the NFT universe inspired us day by day so much that we are thinking about assembling a team and starting to make NFT ourselves! Just finding a quality product gave us the opportunity to dig into something new. The most important thing about NFT is that it is a new field in which you can apply your design skills better than ever!

Anyway, artists and designers should always strive for quality and not the mass sale of things that are not relevant for buyers and creators. NFT has a lot of traits that make it valuable to people, and those traits can evolve. Who knows, in addition to their collectible nature, these items may get some different roles in the future. So, whether you are a customer, an artist, or a link between the two, NFT items can be relevant to you in many ways that we enlisted to you.

So, are you already part of NFT fever?