5 Ways to become No. 1 on Google

Web development
April 27, 2023
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What is most important for your business? To be easily found and quickly noticed by Internet Users!

Of course, business owners might not say these are priorities. It should usually be quality of work, effectiveness, and originality. However, you would not believe how many successful deals you have depending on how well you place yourself in public. That is especially true of the Internet, a medium that leads to anything that people search, even your business. More precisely, the biggest roles here play Search Engines, such as Google, showing people lists of their search results. Have you ever wondered how some websites automatically appear at the top of that list? Do you know how Google prioritizes some websites over others?

If you haven't thought about it before, do it now. When Internet users search for something, they usually visit the first three websites recommended by Google. So, the position on these lists really affects whether someone will visit your website or not. And that position itself depends on how good your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. So that everyone can see your work, today we reveal what you can do to get to the top of Google search!

And here are 5 ways to become No. 1  Google and how to secure that VIP place for your website.

1. Choosing the right keywords / Organizing keywords

The content of your website may have more or fewer words, but not all are equally important for SEO. 

Those words that users type in to find something they are looking for are keywords. They represent the essence of the content of your site in a few phrases. 

These are words that are associated with what you offer on the website. As such, keywords lead to more comprehensive answers and solving problems. Therefore, they should be carefully selected and linked to what your company offers. Those familiar with SEO optimization, as well as some keyword tools can help you with choosing. But first, you should understand the essence of keywords.

Good keywords should be:

  • Direct. Keywords must be directly related to the content they represent. With your products, services, answers you offer. In other words, keywords must not be misleading. Otherwise, you will lead the user to read something he did not come for, you will not give him what he wants, and he will leave unsatisfied.
  • Transparent. Keywords must not be ambiguous. There must be no metaphors, stylization, and poetic expression in them. That can be confusing. Instead, minimize the free interpretation of words' meaning so that users can quickly understand what they are about.
  • Common. While it is commendable to stand out and be original in every sense, this can be harmful when choosing keywords. Of course, you can attract attention with a witty keyword. However, much more effective are common words with which people usually start looking for something. So, the frequency of the real use of words is more important here than originality.

In addition to the smart choice of keywords, it is their position on the webpage that is crucial. For different types of content, the optimal places for keywords differ too. However, every inch of your site should be optimized in an equally good manner. So, keywords must be in key places, and SEO of individual parts is required for successful optimization of the entire website.

2. Add links

First of all, links make the website very economical and easy to search. Because they lead to relevant content quickly and easily, they are essential for navigating the site. How the links do this depends on where you place them on the website.

  • Space-saving. First of all, links save space on the page. A bunch of text and images no longer have to be on the same page because links lead to specified, meaningful parts of the content. With the help of links, it is possible to give the user information in portions.
  • Meaningful linking. You can use the link to connect two texts that talk about similar things or follow up. You can guide a user from text to images, diagrams and thus gradually give him a lot of relevant info.
    Want to link to other sites with similar content? Or to connect your site with places where people talk about your work, where you have a guest post, etc.? All this can be solved by linking in the right place at the right time.
  • Navigation. Clicking on a specific link, the user can jump from the Homepage to the Contact Information page. From the top of the page to the bottom of the page. The link can shift the reading focus to a specific part of the text and the like.

As you can see, links are a really powerful tool for navigating, guiding, and experiencing a website. Therefore, always keep in mind all the functions of the links. Connect the links with meaning, place them in strategic places - where the user needs to do some desired action, etc.

3. Add fresh and relevant content

No matter how good your website is, it must not become out-of-date. In no segment. Indeed, one of the worst things about a business site is when it is not trendy. So, show people that you are constantly active and progressive. Create new, fresh and intriguing content for old and new site visitors. The flow of your experiences and work must not stagnate, so just talk about it. You can write on educational topics related to your products and services. Share with others how your projects are going. Add charming and stylish graphic content, images, videos, diagrams. Talk about entertaining things, but always make sure that what you add to the site is relevant. Add content that is useful for visitors, especially your target audience. That way, people will always come back to your site to see if something curious and helpful has popped up.

4. User-friendly and mobile responsive structure

It is the default feature of the website. Your website visits many users who would like to get some relevant information as soon as possible. Therefore, the structure of the site must be as tailored as possible to the average Internet User. Navigating through your site must be easy, fast, and smooth. The content should therefore be clear and concise. The links must be in good places, and the design must guide the user sleekly throughout the experience. Therefore, try not to overload and confuse the user. Open the way to any corner of your site, and he will be happy to read about your offers. In general, site search should be obvious and elegant. And so it should be in any form, whether on a computer screen or a phone.

Small screen - big problems.

Because on small screens, your website has to fit in and look just as good as on a computer screen. That means you need to re-adjust everything, from font size and media content to positioning, organization, and linking. That may seem like a big deal, but don't just skip that task! Searching your site must be smooth, and every part of it must look pleasant. It is clear why - a large number of people browse the Internet via mobile phones. On the bus, on the street, in the waiting room, at school - wherever they don't have a computer, people go online over the phone. It's simple, just pack your valuable content on a smaller screen. Polish the appearance of the website, and people will do the searching smoothly via any device.

5. Specify your offers

This last item does not concern so much the structure of the website as the essence of the content. Namely, when people are looking for an offer, they want a quality thing. So that the product or service is presented clearly, well-described, and looks professional. To perfect what you do, specify what you want to do. In other words, don't try to offer as many different things as possible. You can get a label on the Internet depending on how you do your job, how you cooperate, and how you present yourself in marketing. By narrowing your offers, you can actually stand out in close competition, both in Google search and otherwise. So be specialized for some work. Create your target audience, which you will specifically address. Emphasize quality above quantity, and Google will easily bring customers to you as well as you to them!