Nov 2019

Growth Font

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Growth Font
Broworks Studio

Wondering how to write a cool text? Write it with Growth.

Growth is a sans-serif typeface specially tailored for modern winning titles.
So, if you need to highlight something, let it be bold! 

Growth letters are stable in stature but really flexible in use. Meaning, this font will be useful to you as much as you are creative.
Just imagine a refreshing, fancy phrase that you want to look as good as it sounds.

Here, Broworks presents to you in detail the distinctive design of this typeface legible for contemporary needs.
At first glance, it already looks like it would fit perfectly into many cool designs. 

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Font Usage

The first thing about Growth is that it has an incredibly neat composition.

It is a condensed typeface, with legible and expressive shapes. With high x-height and tight line spacing, it offers beautiful typographic harmony. Its glyph catalog provides an easy to compose system for Latin languages. All characters are upper case, and it also includes numbers and other basic glyphs. So, be sure that all of its features are carefully thought-out. 

We were striving to find an appealing design for one subtle yet engaging writing kit!

As such, Growth is useful for professionals who need a versatile sans-serif for an extensive range of design applications. Its particular design fits in logos & branding, social media posts, advertisements & product designs, posters, banners, websites, etc. Over and above, anyone can easily get Growth, as we offer it as a 1 font family with 62 characters, for a low price.

See it yourself. We assure you, you don’t have to worry about ugly handwriting anymore!

You can download Growth font here.

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