When to rebrand your business

April 27, 2023
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Is it time for rebranding?

A new coating and a new voice? 

How do you know when that time has really come?

We did a little research for you. In complex but interesting business management, we managed to single out some important situations. Situations that make every business make an important decision - Should we do a rebrand? Let’s say one big truth right away - not all of these situations are bad, nor is rebranding a necessary fix to some mistake in your branding. On the contrary.

Well, we better start listing.

1. Business expansion

There comes a time when your skills can cover many different jobs. Then you as a company offer many more services, your team is constantly increasing and improving, the business is expanding. Yes, we wish you all this very much!

However, what happens to your brand, to the essence of your business, as it conquers new territories? The brand must follow this stream of improvement and transform itself. What exactly will change, from the logo to the design of the website, depends on the direction in which the business is expanding. Which areas it conquers and which new offers it is tied to. Designers are the ones who, when you tell them what you want to add, know how to bring new vital things to the appeal of your brand. That means that your new staff, new products, or services get a place in the overall design of your business brand. 

The point is that old and new Users do not miss this expansion because it is actually expanding towards them. Think about what detail of the design would tell the client - Look, they have something new to offer!

2. Seeking a new audience

New audiences may or may not be tied to the business expansion. So, even when you are not expanding your business, you can enlarge the circle of people who would be attracted to your brand! Since the generation change is happening (maybe too fast), be careful that your target audience doesn't stay in the last century! Because, with the change of generations, people's interests also change.

We are not telling you that you should give up the old loyal audience to which you address every day. We tell you to try to win the attention of new generations as well.  You can bring your brand closer to them with a new design. For this, you need to have your eyes and ears open and follow what the new generations are interested in. Believe me, you can easily attract their attention with some details in the design while still having an authentic brand presentation. All good brands are actually very flexible and can hold the attention of generations of different interests!

Rebranding allows you to rejuvenate your superb design with high quality! So, you should always be ready to refresh your appearance for your audience.

3. Business strategy changes

You must inform customers and the market if any changes occur in your company! Seriously. It doesn't matter for what reason your business policy, internal and external relations, or approach to work are changing. It can all be polished in the renewed version of your business brand design.

However, this rebrand is primarily an instruction to everyone who follows your work that some big or small things are happening in your business. Be bold and show that important change through the logo, concept, and colors. That will keep your customers informed. A quality rebrand can easily give a subtle explanation to even the biggest transformations of your brand! 

You will stay transparent in the market, and your clients would be grateful for that! Because people don’t like to guess what’s going on with the business they’re working with or buying from.

4. You are no different from the competition

Here is a trap that is easy to fall into.

Everyone advises you to follow competing businesses and keep up to date with their work. In other words, to compete in sports with the competition! However, if you keep similar companies close to you, you can start to look too similar. You start using the same colors, the same style, and way of presenting. So then we have more companies that offer similar things and look almost the same from head to toe. Well, in that case, the Client doesn’t know who to choose! Worse, you don’t give him any reason to choose your company over some other company! From the Client's point of view, it doesn't matter who he will shake hands with, because everybody looks the same.

That is why it is important not to overdo the thinking about the competition. It must not take over your creative brainstorming because you lose the most important thing - originality. If you are already keeping up with a competing business, then you should do it to understand what separates you from them. If you see that your brand has started to merge in the sea of ​​others, start rebranding immediately! And allow your authenticity to stand up for itself in that process.

5. Your brand is outdated

This is an alarm for many years of business! It's a great thing when you realize that you have been doing business successfully for years and that it is very stable. If that's the case, then you know you can’t sit back and watch your brand gather customers around you.

Good business is achieved through a constant rebranding that follows trends! So, good branding is not a solid foundation for your business. It is a flexible concept that dresses according to fashion. That's why a bunch of famous brands moves quickly from one design phase to another design phase. The look of the brand changes through the styles while retaining its essence. Designers so elegantly bring shades in color and shape that such a refined design always comes as a real refreshment. So we are not talking about destructive changes but healthy transformation.

We advise you to ask yourself if you are too attached to the look of your brand. If it looks the same for years, it may have lost contact with the modern world. And that, of course, must not happen. Because, for every business to be fruitful, it has to meet the current needs of the people. It must meet the most modern standards.

6. The brand does not reflect you

When a brand is not yours, rebranding is an extreme process. That is a situation where your business needs rebranding for the sake of presenting you genuinely to others.

Many people act hastily, so they try to make their brand stylized, eye-catching, modern, interesting, resourceful, and the like. These are all good elements of even better design. But, in the whole rush around using all these elements, the essence is often lost.  And the essence of the brand is who you are!

Your brand must be a reflection of your values ​​in character and function. Ethics of the company, relationships, energy, main features, product quality - that is actually a brand of your company. The key is to visualize it all. To put it in a logo design, on website pages, or a business card. So it is possible to have a brand that looks super sharp but says nothing about your values. As such, it is quite useless then. 

So the next step would be rebranding, which starts with showing the vital points of your business. Because that’s what actually means the most to you and your clients.