Express Auto Hail Repair

Brand Identity
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Express Auto Hail Repair
Express Auto Hail Repair

Express Auto Hail Repair required their own website that in every way ought to match their standards. That means - quick response, swift fixing, and quality outcomes when the weather hits your car. 

As they repair the harm done by fierce hail, they had to appear equally fierce! Ready to help troubled owners of damaged vehicles and straighten everything out. Fast. Effective. 

Website Design

We chose that pro-bold and ready-for-action appearance for every page of their website. Their website on both mobile and desktop holds a lot of relevant info for Users - usually worried and impatient to get their car fixed. So we made that info super easy & quick to find and process. That was our mantra while designing. 

Because of instructive media and detailed copy, we divided everything into sections. Units of content that Users get quickly and that lead them smoothly to everything they want to find. Because no one likes to get lost on a website while in trouble and bothered by the weather.


Express Auto Hail Repair's logo shows every word of their company's name. The first letter "E" is the most expressive one - and it stands for express. If needed, this letter can be used as the icon-only logo. 

The "E" icon was carefully decomposed, associating different parts with a hail storm, driving roads, speed, and everything that EAHR stands for and against. We've put these abstract parts together into one elegant and resonating logo. Conveying the values of EAHR's brand.

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