How to choose your logo for a startup

April 27, 2023
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If you are a beginner, then you already know that branding is a priority in taking your business, services, and skills to the heights of marketing. Accordingly, as you may already understand, the logo is mandatory.

Famous startups

You may have already wondered why all large companies have a logo.
First of all, that is not because it is like a fancy badge of an already developed company. The logo plays a much bigger role and is not a luxury. Small-business companies, intimate groups, individuals, and startups have a great benefit from having a professional logo design of their own.

If you don't know already, we will tell you how to choose one unique logo for your brand.

Why do you need a logo?

This image is what people see first, and based on that image they get some impression about you and your work. You must have seen a logo of a company many times yourself. Some of them may have made you think: Wow, professional! Playful! Modern! Well, that's what a logo does. It conveys to you the energy of a company and its way of doing business. Besides, it is far from just an attractive aesthetic accessory.

Bistox Games logo design

The logo is specific because it gives a lot of information about your entire visual identity with an appealing design. As such, it can be seen anywhere and is easy to remember. And since you don't want someone to remember you badly, your logo needs to be thoughtfully designed. It should be eye-catching, informative, and professionally done.

We’ll tell you how.

What to look for in a logo?

First of all, you need to think about what you want to show to the people. 

  • Principles. Look at the logo as a mirror of your principles and energy. Think about what your basic ideas and core values are. Whatever you want to do, or whatever you want to offer to the world. You can be a professional in your business, a funny entertainer, or someone who offers ingenious services and innovative products. Just emphasize some of these traits you have! We in Broworks studio believe in friendly relationships, efficiency, and a casual approach. Our personal story is filled with exhilarating and witty energy. We knew that as soon as we started working. So, these traits of ours created a smart and playful ninja Hiro - our mascot and logo. When you find what genuinely represents you, it will become the foundation of a logo that will tell your own story to everyone who sees it.

Levinho logo redesign

  • Audience. You have to pay attention to one more thing - your clients and customers. Get in the shoes of an observer and see the idea for your logo. You don't want people to wonder too much what you wanted to tell them. So, understanding the logo is a crucial factor. Because you may have already come up with a very cool idea to show off with, but you need to display what you offer transparently and honestly. If, for example, you are selling something, the product itself can be integrated into the logo concept. You can choose some quality of your product or service that can be visualized and put into the design. Think of your best sides! Whoever sees your logo will appreciate your concise, clear, and appealing story.

Hermes logo redesign

The design process

Once you determine who you are and what your story is, it's time to transform it into something concrete – an innovative logo design. It does not mean that you passed previous phases of creating a logo because your skills, beliefs, and work ethic will continue to shape every part of the designing process. After all, that's where the idea of your brand was born.

Choose your logo style

So, now you should choose a logo style, and that's where the real fun begins! All the important parts in building the style of a logo, and even the brand itself, are the following:

  • the type of logo, 
  • the typography (font),
  • the color palette,
  • and the organization of the whole concept

There is a lot to do here, and we assure you that each of these elements deserves special attention. So, let your imagination run wild as you think of all the shapes and shades to customize your creative logo design. But, contact the designer as soon as possible. Why?

App Craft Studio brand book design

Professionals are the ones who know how to integrate positive elements of your work, personality, and charisma into the design of almost anything. There are many styles of logos, but not every one of them suits your original idea. The style should match what you are doing! In moments when you get too carried away, the designers are there to get you back to the right art direction.

So, let’s show you some examples.

1.1 Classic style

Classic style is timeless. Aim for it if you want to look like a serious player!

Logotypes such as lettermarks, wordmarks, symbols, and abstract shapes are often part of this style. Many companies like dressing their logo in this nice business suit! You surely have seen somewhere an elegant symbol with clear typography as the logo of a business company or similar. Also, companies that deal with technology, innovation often choose a logo style that inspire and look so classy. Why not?

Such a combination of form and typography always looks neat. The font that dominates here is Serif because it is legible and refined. Elegant initials or company names give a straightforward and efficient impression. And the best part is that it looks tasteful and promising for years.

Dimitrije Salon logo design

1.2 Modern style

If you want something that looks more up-to-date, dive into a modern flow.

A modern logo is often characterized by simplicity and a fresh ambiance. That is why this style has many fans. Start-up companies, as well as large companies, with a couple of well-designed clear strokes, got themselves vivid logos for various purposes. Initials, emblems, and abstract images are widely used here. And people love them in a minimalist style. This style is perfect for those who want to achieve a fashionable look with a little detail. Along with that goes the Sans serif font, which looks neat and casual. If you are wondering how to pick a font for your brand, always consider whether it is more important to be legible or artistic. 

  • All fonts come into play if you determine well what the role of your font is. For example, Script fonts can aesthetically enrich a logo, and Sans fonts play more on the clarity and essence of the text. If you are a beginner, a legible font may be a more appreciative option, especially if you want the logo to include your brand name.

Crown eSport logo

1.3 Playful and witty

If you want to relax the audience, try something funny! People adore it when a serious atmosphere breaks down.

Humorous illustrations are everywhere today and designers know exactly what dose of quirky details to put into a story. Cartoon characters often carry your unique character as well, so they come to terms with your brand and team in a specific way. And we adore it! Just look at our Hiro. We wanted to show that our Broworks team is very professional in approach and yet cultivating positive thoughts and cheerful charisma. That’s why our ninja looks cool and amusing! Typography is used more freely in this style, so you can often see Script fonts, but also various alternative uses of fonts. If you are a gamer or entertainer, this is a great style for you!

Show how cute or goofy you are and connect with your followers.

Broworks Logo design

1.4 Retro and vintage

Another derailment. The retro look is forever in fashion!

Retro drawings and Script fonts work wonders here!  Various emblems of this type create a warm ambiance and a homely approach. If you are someone who is into crafting, some retro/vintage look of the logo will probably look great on you. For example, people who sell handmade products are the ones who most want their professional logo to look handmade. This is a style with curvy lines, soft transitions, and a romantic dose of aesthetics. Truly old-school. And this is not the end. These examples of logo styles are just some of the ones seen online. So, you should remember that when choosing a logo, you should always follow the original idea you have.

Logotypes and typography can be combined in a million ways, as long as it hits the point of your brand. The same goes for colors.

Bars logo by Yevdokimov

1.5 Use of colors

The way the logo gets colored is a meaningful process, and it requires a lot of attention. People will first recognize you by color and separate you from other companies. So be careful with shades and tints.

Colors, as well as the whole style, carry the character of your brand. If you want something with a classic look, there are shades of blue, gray, white, and other cool colors that unmistakably depict correctness, efficiency, and reliability. Warm colors such as red, yellow, orange are the ones that call for action, cheer up, and send positive vibes. Colors alone can reflect your brand in many ways. And it all depends on what you want to convey to your clients. Besides, these combinations are countless, so you can get a lot of ideas for creating a logo. 

App Craft Consulting logo design

1.6 Responsive logotype

Once designers make your ideal example of a logo, know that you can use it anywhere. The beauty of a good design is that it is responsive.

Why is that important? Designers create aesthetic pieces of design that can appear in all sizes, on small and large screens, on surfaces, and in various environments. That way your logo will reach everyone's eyes. Designers also adjust color palettes that preserve the unique look of your logo whether it is going to appear on a dark or light background. The logo is then error-free.

Responsive logotype

On mistakes and errors. What makes a bad logo?

It always happens that some process in the design slows down due to some disagreements. You can avoid some errors in the designing process and communication with the designer.

  • More than three colors. For example, there should be no more than three primary colors on the logo. We have seen how powerful colors are in design, so it's important not to overload the observer's eye. The same goes for all parts of the logo.
  • Overdoing it. Sometimes you can not decide what is most important to stand out in your logo, so the final design is full of details. This can be bad because then the it stops being informative but is just crammed and often unattractive. These are the things that the designer himself will point out to you. Because a good designer always strives for the top quality of the final design. In this regard, it is important to note how you can afford a good logo.
  • The cost of a professional logo. One thing is for sure - the logo is affordable. But, don’t be fooled by going as cheap as possible! Cheap logo work is often not quality and thorough work. So, for good branding, you need to set aside money that will go back into your pocket as soon as your brand wins people over.
  • Indecision. What is most up to you after all is the very first step of this process - to know what you want!

The idea you choose to represent and what you want others to see on the internet must be concise. The features and values ​​of your brand and, therefore, your logo are the foundations of your success.

Everything is easier when you know what you want and what you believe in Then you just need to get a logo that successfully shows others who you are!