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Our little hub has been around since 2018 and is continually growing in every sense.

Main goal of our team is to help enterprise brands uplift their online presence with little to no effort while still keeping their original roots. We're big lovers of design sprints & agile methodologies, so every project is taking 12 weeks or less.

We freaking love what we're doing every single minute and that ensures every product & experience we create will last decades.

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As masters of our art, we cause the unseen to be seen - and recognized! We work on every single design sprint as one well-oiled machine. In our tight-knit group, everyone has their own responsibilities. So, every design is under the constant supervision of a sharp eye and swift hand. Meet our team of tireless ninjas working with shapes and shades.

Stefan IviC
CEO & Founder
MiloS BabiC
Project Manager
Tijana KostiC
UX Designer
Dijana Antanasijevic
Senior UI Designer
Stefan Ninkov
Webflow developer
Miljana Dobrota
Senior UI Designer
Average score of 5.0